Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween


This is the pumpkin Kelly and I carved in Arzona last week.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Halloween Party

I work at Lakeland Community College and one of my job duties is to teach students about every aspect of event planning. One of the best parts of my job is when you see the students apply what I teach them. Sometimes the students learn a little to well or just have the skills and talents to pull off amazing things.

Last night my students held their 7th Annual Hallween Party. The first party had about 30 people, some food, a DJ and a costume contest. It wasn't anything to write home about......7 years later, the party ran from 6PM to Midnight in the Main Gym of the college. Over 1,000 people attend. Activities and events were going on all night...Indoor Laser Tag arena, photo booths, movies projected on walls, make your own music videos, costume contests, food and beverages, and the college radio station dj'ing the party.

Long night and a fun night! Here are some pictures of the party and the costumes!

Arizona Part 2!

Last weekend I took another trip out to Arizona. I went out to relax and see a friend who's become more than a friend to me. Her name is Kelly and we just "click" together! I keep my personal life and Kelly's life personal, so sorry no more details right now! =0 )

We both needed some time away from all the craziness of the "real world," so Kelly invited me to take a trip to Sedona. What a amazing place. Great place to get away and relax! We only had a day but got a chance to see a lot of the beautiful red rocks, canyons and mountains. I've only posted a few pictures, but there is a link to the Sedona website below. I can't wait to go back to see more.

The pictures below are from the trip, the Indian restaurant we visited , and a picture from the Casa Sedona Bed and Breakfast.

If you like Indian food and you get a chance to visit Sedona, go to the India Palace. The food was really good, the service was great and the food came SUPER fast. Here's some more information:

India Palace
1910 West Highway 89A
Suite 102
Sedona, AZ

Sedona Tourist Site

Casa Sedona Bed and Breakfast

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Airport Security

A lot of people are probably worried or clueless to what you can and can’t bring to the airport these days. Let me be the first to complain about how terrorism has made things more difficult when it comes to traveling.

Over the last 2 months, I have been in seven different airports. Each airport has a different set of rules when it comes to screening and carry-ons. This should worry people and the government.

My trips lately have been short one and two day trips. This means I just carry my bag on to the plane. When the terror scandal broke in London this summer that changed things big time for people like me. I hate waiting 30+ minutes to get my suitcase at the baggage claim. It takes too long and it’s difficult to find your suitcase in the sea of black suitcases found at most airport baggage claims worldwide.

I also try to avoid waiting in airports for 2 to 3 hours. That’s why I love the carry on bag. The problem for about a month or two was you couldn’t bring any liquids or gels past the security checks. Recently that rule changed and you could bring travel size toiletries in your carry on. The problem is every airport seems to interpret the rules differently. I had a couple of employees at one airport have a debate over my chapstick.

In one airport, I was to have my toiletries out for inspection. This seemed true until my one friend never unpacked his in Chicago. No problem with security.

Then I heard you’re not supposed to bring any liquids past the security point. I was in the Phoenix airport and watched a guy put a water bottle in his pocket and walk past security.

Then I’ve been told you can have 3 oz. travel size gels and liquids (toothpaste, lotion, eye drops, etc) in your carry on bag. Then another airport told me 6 oz were acceptable. Then I brought a 10 oz travel size lotion to one airport to only have it taken away at another airport. You have to love how everyone follows the rules.

The only things I can suggest are the following:

#1 Check your bag when you get to the airport and pack whatever you want. Be sure to put your shoes at the top of the bag.

#2 If you don’t check your bag, pack all of your liquids and gels in a clear zip lock bag. Be sure to pull the items out of your bag before you go through the security check. Keep the items travel size, under 6 ounces.

#3 If you plan on bringing any food or liquid to the airport or on the airplane, forget about it. They will only let you bring food or liquids on the plane that you buy from vendors behind the airport security checks.

#4 If the airline you're flying allows you to pre print your boarding pass at home, do it. It saves you a ton of time.

#5 Avoid buying a black or red suitcase, everybody has one!

Good luck with your traveling and be warned…every airport is different when it comes to security no matter what the government tells you!

Funny Signs

Here is my funny post for the week. I ran into these two signs in Arizona.

Happy Anniversary

Dick and Kathy Cummings celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last weekend. They are the parents of my best friend Scott. They treat me like their second son. I was invited out to dinner to celebrate their 40 years together. Here is a picture of Scott, Dick and Kathy! Happy Anniversary! They plan on celebrating for the next 12 months. Part of that celebration includes taking a group trip to Las Vegas in April 2007.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Chicago Trip

Last Sunday, I went to Chicago with my friend Rodger to give several lectures at Northwestern University. Entertaining/Educating people is great. I get to be myself 100% and I get help people. There is a feeling I can’t describe when people start asking you questions, write notes and are keyed in on your every word. Rodger and I presented our keynote lecture “Are you a BAD apple?” Then we did breakout sessions on leadership and how to motivate people.

We did the same lecture in Youngstown on Friday to a group of 200 school staffers and employees. With both lectures, the something unexpected happened. People started reciting the information we gave them and they started begging for our promotional items. We’ve made up t-shirts, stickers, handouts and buttons. People love them.

We were so busy with our lectures, we never made it into the city. Northwestn is north of the city. I've been to the Chicago airports at least six times, but I still haven't made it into the city. I'm getting closer though. I made it out of the airport this time!

Below are some pictures of the presentations and our logo. If you want a t-shirt leave a comment.

BadBad Apples Red Logo
BadBad Apples Green Logo

Time to Blog!

I haven’t had much time lately to type on my blog. I finally found some time. I’m typing this on the airplane. I’m on my way to Arizona for some rest and relaxation I’ve decided to take some time and post (type) a few things to make the time fly by.

I’m planning to change a few things up on my blog.
#1 With all the traveling I’m doing I’m going to pursue one of my dreams…be a travel writer. Starting with this trip and some upcoming trips, I plan to give information, tips and links for the places I’m visiting.
#2 I still plan to leave pictures from my trips so people can see what’s going on in my life.
#3 I plan to type some editorials and observations from my daily life and adventures.
#4 I like to have fun, so I plan to have at least one funny story, website or picture every week.

I’ll be sure to name these sections. My blog is coming up on it’s one year birthday. I’ve had a lot of fun, so far. I plan on taking things up a notch her in year two.

Please keep reading…..Frank

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Four Letter "S" Word

You have to love living in Northeast Ohio! It's only October 12th, but today we had our first snowflakes of the year! The news just reported that this years snow is 1 month and 2 days ahead of last year! It didn't snow for long and the snow didn't stick, but it reminded everyone that winter is around the corner. Pretty soon people will be using that four letter word that starts with the letter "S"......SNOW!

Its tough to think about winter, considering I was just in New Orleans running with my friend Brian. We did a 4 + mile run around the city. Brian lived in New Orleans for 3 months so he took me on a jogging tour of the city. The temperature was in the 80's. It was hard to believe it was October. After returning to the cold weather of Ohio, I definately know what time of the year it is. The crazy thing is, the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn colors.

I'm craving some warm weather. I'll be in Arizona next week, and I'm not sure I'll want to come back!

The picture above was taken from my balcony the other night.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Where in the World is Frank?

People have been asking me where my next trip will be so, here is my upcoming schedule or trips and lectures. Airports and the road will be my home for the next couple of weeks.

10/6-10/8 New Orleans, LA
10/13 Youngstown, OH (Lecture - Teacher's Conference)
10/14-10/15 Chicago, IL(Lecture - Northwestern)
10/19-10/22 Arizona
11/9-11/12 Peoria, IL (Work)
12/1 Columbus, OH (Lecture - Insurance Convention)

More dates and information to come. Be on the lookout for more great pictures!

New Orleans

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weekend Leadership Retreat

This past weekend my co-workers and and I took our students out of town for a Leadership Retreat. The weekend is used to teach students leadership skills and help develop teamwork. It's a nice getaway. The students I have this year are a lot of fun. The retreat is held at the St. Leondards Youth Retreat Center in Avon, Ohio. Below are some pictures of the Center on Sunday morning. I woke up early and walked the property and took some pictures as the sun was rising.