Monday, June 14, 2010

More Pictures

Since people love it when I post pictures, here are a few more!Our friend's two year old offering us Vitamin Water before the marathon. I guess she thought we needed it.

The lock kept this bike in San Diego from being stolen. Too bad it didn't protect the pedals, handle bar, wheels and seat!
The road to San Diego!

You've got to love the kids who visit the zoo

The inside of the Extreme Team Tour Bus

Mr. Turtle just chilling in the sun

Jones Beach bath house

Hunting for the perfect tuxedo for the wedding. This one has possibilitiesA view of the lake Kelly and I walk by during our morning/night walks.

One of the baby Zebra's born at the Phoenix Zoo

My friend's daughter posing for the camera. She loves cameras and cameras love her too!

May Flew By

Hello Everyone!

I spent most of May on the road traveling and working! It left me little time to blog, so it's time for me to post some pictures and stories and get everyone caught up.

United States Air Force Reserve

I traveled to two airshows in May to work for the United States Air Force Reserve. I was a part of the "Extreme Team." We are a marketing group that travels to airshows around the country and distribute information about the Air Force Reserves and positions available at a near by Air Force Base. If May, I got to travel to Washington, D.C and New York City. I hope to work more with the Extreme Team this summer. It's all good for me because I get to do things I like. I get to work with people, travel and look at airplanes!

Speaker Revolution

I attended the first ever Speaker Revolution in Cincinnati, OH. The bootcamp/conference was designed to for speakers to learn more about the business of speaking, practice our programs and learn lots of tips and tricks of the industry. In short, it was a 3 day conference on how to improve your skills and get more work. I also got to network with some the best speakers in the country. I have to say thank you to my speaking partner Rodger Campbell for getting me to the conference.

At the conference I learned that a book that I help write is in the final steps of publication. It should be ready by January! Wow! I'm an author!

More Books

I'm currently working on another book. People don't have the time to read long books, so I'll be writing my book similar to how I write this blog. Some of my best blogs will be in the book, plus some other thoughts from my mind. Be on the look out for "Fresh From the Kitchen...Volume #1" this fall.

Wedding Planning

My wedding is almost four months away and their is a ton of stuff to plan. Me and my future wife completely understand why people can't wait for the day to be over and get things back to normal. We are currently working on looking our best for the wedding day and the future. Kelly just ran in a marathon and I've spent several mornings running with her. I just have to hit the weights and stuff my face to bulk up "Mr. Skinny!" If anyone has any tips or advice, let me know.

As always, here are some pictures from my adventures in May!
Jones Beach State Park, Long Island, NY
One of the New York Jets Cheerleaders
More of Jones Beach
Flying into JFK airport in New York City

Stuck in the Detroit Airport for 12 hours. Considered trying to jump on this 747 bound for Asia. How much fun would that be?
I'm working on some new programs about going GREEN? Would anyone care to help?

Obama Bobbleheads in Washington DC

I'm still waiting to see the Iron Man Movie, but got to see him and War Machine at the Andrews Air Force Base Airshow
F-15 Eagle
C-17 Globemaster

I took some co-workers on a walking tour of Washington, D.C.

I had some free time while Traveling through Tampa, so Mom came to see me for dinner at the airport! Love you Mom! Thank you!
I'm still working at the Zoo with the monkeys when I'm not out of town.

Quote of the day!

"The most certain way to succeed
is always to try just one more time."
Thomas Edison

San Diego Marathon

Last weekend I went to San Diego with Kelly to watch her run in the Rock'n'Roll San Diego Marathon. My plan was to offer support and provide water and food along the race course. I ended up joining in with Kelly at mile 8 to run a few miles with her during the tough hilly portion of the race. 18.2 miles later I was watching the finish line approach the two of us!

Kelly did great. She finished over 15 minutes faster than her previous race and she didn't get hurt!

If any of you ever want to be inspired and entertained; go watch a marathon. You will be inspired at the diversity of people running 26.2 miles as a personal challenge or the opportunity to raise money for a charity. You will be entertained by the different costumes and slogans people wear. You will be inspired by the family and friends on the sides of the streets cheering on their loved ones. You'll be entertained by performances and signs people have along the race route. You'll be inspired when you see people cross the finish line (some get across in great shape, some drag themselves across). You'll be inspired and entertained by people attempting and completing their goals!

Here are a few pictures to entertain and inspire! Congratulations to everyone who ran in San Diego!

Kelly crossing the finish line!

Have to get the pre-race carbs in! Lots of water too!

Bob Hope Memorial on San Diego waterfront

The USS Midway Museum

Getting buzzed by airplanes while walking around downtown San Diego. Great City to walk around, especially Balboa Park

We stayed in the Historic Gas Lamp District. Be sure to eat at the Italian Restaurant called MERK! Good food!

The sign everyone loves to see! Only .2 miles to go!

Kelly keeping to her plan and passing people!

Almost time to start! 6:50 AM

Yes that's a monkey on his back and he's wearing a diaper!

I saw several people in the race with walking boots! Wow!

US Marine Corp Band is a great way to start things!

Downtown San Diego!

I'm not so tall!

Scouting out the race route and where Kelly would start. It's always good to do a little research before you do/attempt something. Get a lay of the land.

Everyone needs a cheerleader! Or in this case a boxing Superman with a marathon race cap!

Product of the Month

Every month I like to share a product that I like or enjoy. This month's products are the teas by the company "Traditional Medicinals." I stumbled across the company's products while grocery shopping and now I love them.

I like to drink tea when my throat gets soar or right before I speak. The last couple of months my allergies have been bad and I've been congested. Boil some hot water and throw one of the TM tea bags into my mug and I'm good to go! Works better than some of the medications I take!

When you have some time, check out their website or look for their products in your local health food store or certain grocery stores (in the organic section).


Friday, June 04, 2010

The Wounded Warrior Project

I had the honor of talking to a gentlemen who served in the US military in the Iraq. While serving his country he was injured and lost both of his legs.

During the extensive rehab process, he and other soldiers are in need of various personal care items. He was shopping for things as simple as towels and razors to donate to injured servicemen.
The program is called the Wounded Warrior Project.

I wanted to do my part to assist, so I'm posting the link to their website here. Be sure to share this with your friends and family!

The Wounded Warrior Project Website (Click Here)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Life from the Roadside!

Here is a video I shot on a recent trip. I plan to add more video blogs on here in the future. Get ready to learn and see more about what goes on behind the scenes when I'm traveling and performing!

Have a great week!