Monday, April 21, 2008

Natural Dog and Cat Treats

Many people love their pets; especially their cats and dogs. They are like members of the family and get fed better than some family members. On a recent trip, I met a husband and wife who run the business Faithful Friends. They make all natural treats for dogs and cats. The friends and co-workers told me the treats are good enough for people to eat. I don't know how that know that one. The treats have no preservatives or fillers, and a few people told me their dogs won't anything else after tasting their treats.

If you would like to find out more about the company, contact:

Faithful Friends
"Simply Good Dog and Cat Treats"
2437 State Highway 80
Sherburne, NY 13460

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pat's Run

This morning, Kelly and I ran in "Pat's Run." It's an annual race run to remember the life and Legacy of Pat Tillman. Pat Tilliman is a former Arizona State student/athlete, former NFL player and former Army Ranger. After 9/11, Tillman turned down a multi-million dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the United States Army. He felt is was the right/patriotic thing to do. He didn't want any spotlight or fame for the decision he made. He excelled enough in his training to became an Army Ranger and was sent to Afghanistan. On April 22, 2004 he was killed by friendly fire while fighting members of Alqueda.

There was a lot of controversy over his death and how it happened.

His family has started a foundation is his name, The Pat Tillman Foundation. Click on the Foundation name to find out more information. The run today is one of two runs sponsored by the foundation to raise money for a scholarship fund and leadership program. Today we ran to help support the foundation. The run was 4.2 miles (Tillman's) college football number. There where thousands of people at the race. The race ended on the 42 yard line of the Arizona State's Sun Devil Stadium. At the finish line was the entire Arizona State football team giving high fives to the runners.

Kelly and I are starting to train for a full marathon in January 2009. She's ahead of me when it comes to the training. Today's run wasn't about time, today's run was about us training and more importantly, to support a great cause.

Here are a few pictures from today's run. Yes I took my camera with me during the run! =0 )

Football Players are some LARGE human beings!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Kitchen Sink Theory

Over the last year or two, I’ve had several people talk to me about writing a book. It’s been a dream of mine to write and share my thoughts and ideas. I never seem to find the time or get distracted with other things. I have pages of notes and a ton of blogs I need to combine into one single work.

While working around the house, I looked at the kitchen sink and saw how it was full of dishes. We’d had couple of busy days and things built up. This rarely happens because I’m very anal about keeping things clean. The sink made me think about my life and the lives of others. Is my life reflected by the way my kitchen sink/counter area looks?

I came up with the “Kitchen Sink Theory.” I talked to a couple of people and they agreed with my thoughts. My feeling has always been that a person’s living space reflects their life. Now I really feel that a person’s kitchen sink reflects their life/lifestyle.

I took three years of cooking class in high school. Yes, there were a lot of jokes about Kitchen in the cooking class. One of the important things taught to us in the class was to keep our work areas clean and to wash dishes and cooking utensils as soon as possible. When a recipe was cooking on the stove top or cooking in the oven, we would clean the cookware we messed up while preparing the recipe. We were told this would save us time and make things a lot easier. This was so true. By the time the food was ready to eat we didn’t have any dishes to clean. Our workspaces were clean and the only things left to clean were the dishes we ate off of.

Look at your sink now. Is it full of dirty dishes? Do you have cook wear with the left over residue from the last meal you cooked? Do you like at all the work and think, “I don’t have time to clean all these dishes?” Do you have a dishwasher to clean up the mess?

I feel Life is the same way. The dishes are the projects and things to do in our life. Do you clean/finish up the projects as you start working on them? Or do you just let them build up until it just seems like you have too much to do and you'll never be able to do it? Do you hope for a “dishwasher” to clean up complete everything at once? Just like real life, some of us have dishwashers and some of us don’t. Do we wait for the help of the dishwasher or do we take care of things before we need something or someone to bail us out?

Looking at a pile of work (dishes) can be very un-motivating. It can also prevent you from doing a lot of things. (It’s tough to eat if you have nothing to eat off of) Letting things build up also eats away at our time. All of us live very busy lives and have limited free time. The key is to stay on stop of things. Complete your projects when you start them. Don’t let one project and others build up. If you’re letting the dishes in your sink build up, look at your life. Do you let projects build up? Do you say I’ll get it later, or wait until you have HAVE to do it?(you have no dishes to eat off of) Could you have spent 5 minutes now versus 20 minutes later? Do you feel like you have a never ending list of things to do? Having a clean sink or cleaning dishes as you go will make life easier. Good Luck, staying out to of your dishes!

"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!"

“Dress for the job you want not the job you have!”

What a great quote. I got it from my best friend Scott. He can’t remember where he heard the quote before, so I’ll say I got it from him. The quote came up while we were on vacation together. We were talking about people pursing their dreams and why they succeed or fail in achieving them.

What does the quote mean? I believe the quote is all about an individual’s mindset. We all dreams but what are we doing mentally to reach our dreams? Before you can physically do something you have to imagine it. You have to completely believe you can do it mentally.

A lot of people think they can turn a switch and change overnight. Here are a few examples:

-A smoker talks about how they want to quit smoking. In order to dress the part, then need to start cutting back on their smoking. They have to mentally start acting like a non-smoker.

-You hear about people going on fad diets or having surgery to help them loose weight. A few months or years later, the weight is back on. Mentally they never changed their eating habits. They didn’t commit to a healthy lifestyle or exercise routine.

-Finally you hear people talk about taking care of their finances. They talk about what they’re going to do when the get out of debt. The talk is great, but what are you doing now. Are you saving your money or making smart purchases now. Are you reading books are educating yourself about financial matters? You have to prepare yourself before you get there.

I read a quote by actor Matthew McConaughey. His quote was “You have to tie your shoes first.” He said you can’t go running until you tie your shoes. You have to prepare for the activity you are about to do.

That brings me back to Scott’s quote. We can’t do anything in life until we start to prepare for what we want to do. We have to mentally commit to want we want before we physically do. So, don’t just be all talk. Start thinking of the actions you have to take to reach your goals and dreams. Many times it starts with asking questions.

Finally, Kelly and I were watching “The Biggest Looser” finale last night. Every contestant talked about the mental barriers they had to get over before they could start loosing weight and becoming healthier. Before the got to their goal weight, they had to start “dressing the part” of someone healthy!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Kelly's parents are in town this weekend and her dad is a race fan. He invited me to go to the NASCAR race at the Phoenix International Raceway. Saturday, April 12, 2008 will go down is history as my first NASCAR experience. I joined over 100,000 people to watch the Subway Fresh Fit 500. We had great seats and the fans around me were friendly and explained a lot about the race and how things work. For anyone attending a race, be sure to bring your EAR PLUGS! The Air Force fly over before the race was loud, but the cars were louder. Anyone taking a marketing class needs to go to a race. Marketing and sales are definitely the name of the game when it comes to NASCAR. Cars are important, tailgating in the parking lots attract a lot of people, and beer is not a scarce commodity.

It's amazing to me how many people show up to the races. The fans are loyal to the car companies, race teams and most importantly the drivers. Anything that can be sold or rented to fans is: Portable GPS devices to track the cars and speeds, scanners to listen to the pit crews; entire semi trucks dedicated to just one driver and their merchandise. There was even a parking lot set up as a showroom for RV's. If you're going to travel around the country to follow your favorite sport, you need you recreational vehicle or motor home. I've been to a lot of different sporting events, but when it comes to crowd size and tailgating, NASCAR has all the other sports beat.

My day of watching fast cars make left turns for almost 3 hours was a lot of fun. My hearing has returned. My butt is still numb from sitting on the bleachers and my camera is full of pictures. If I was asked to go to another race in the future, I would definitely say yes. Not just for watching the cars turn left, but for the total NASCAR experience.

A view of the main gate/sales area/parking lot

Race winner Jimmy Johnson

Jeff Gordon

Me and Kelly's dad....thank you for the tickets!

Colgate University

Rodger teaching the "Electric Slide"

Rodger and I were in Hamilton, New York this week to speak at Colgate University. What a beautiful campus! I might be the most beautiful campus I've been to. I'll have to post pictures when I get them from Rodger. We were on campus to give a program on sleep and the importance of sleep. We found some pretty amazing facts while researching the program. Here are a few:

One-third of your life is spent sleeping
Over 70 million Americans have sleep problems
Your sleep affects your mood and vice versa
Lack of sleep has been linked weight gain
Lack of sleep as been linked to psychological disorders
People who sleep well and who allow themselves adequate amounts of sleep each night should feel awake and alert all day

Colgate is located about 45 minutes southeast of Syracuse, New York. On our way to the campus, Rodger and I stumbled across the International Boxing Hall of Fame. If you are ever in upstate New York, be sure to stop by. For more information, click HERE.

Enjoy some of the photos from the museum.

The original Madison Square Garden Ring. It was used for the Ali-Fraser Fights

Robes from Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Need a cell phone battery?

I have been having "issues" with the battery to my cell phone lately. I knew it was time for a new battery, but the cell phone companies charge a arm and a leg for replacement. I considered buying a new phone until I came across a good website.
The company is called Factory Direct Cellular. I was able to get the battery I needed for my phone 50% cheaper than the cell phone companies and battery stores. When you get a chance, click on the link and check out their site. The have various accessories for phones and ipods.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


This weekend I was in Minnesota. This was my first time "actually" visiting Minnesota. I've been in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport before, but that doesn't count.

Rodger and I were in town for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Northern Plains Regional Conference. We were selected to perform/present during the Training Showcase. Things went great and it looks like we'll be spending a lot of time in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa this Fall. The students at the conference were great. I have to say thank you to Justin, Mark, Margaret, The Mario Princesses, All the Wisconsin schools and the ladies who laughed at/with me and Rodger in the booth. We took a lot of great photos, but my camera had some issues (battery died!). If anyone who attended the conference is reading this, please e-mail me the photos so I can post them on the Blog.

Rodger and I also managed to make it to the Mall of America. It used to be the largest mall in the world. The place has an amusement park in the middle. I did have enough battery power to get some photos at the mall.

I'm on the road again this week, so the blogs will be a little slow, but keep checking in for more stories and photos.

Have a great week!