Saturday, November 03, 2012

Radio Interview

I recently got a chance to sit down and do an interview with my friend and former student Jane Hash. She host's a online radio show to support and advocate for people with disabilities. She's got a great personality and her shows definitely aren't boring.

Click on the link below to listen!

Frank and Dakota....Fundraisers

I have a special relationship with my friend Dakota. His dream is to be a professional motivational speaker and a college graduate. He's currently working on both.

Dakota has Down Syndrome, but he and his family don't allow let that slow him down. After you meet him, you'll feel like you need to do more with your life.

I first met Dakota while working at the Phoenix Zoo. After a few conversations, I learned about his speaking dreams. He asked me to be his speech coach. I agreed and the rest is history. I've watched him speak infront of 1,000 people without flinching.

I've also had the opportunity to speak with Dakota several times. One of the speeches we've done together is speaking for Special Olympics Arizona. Last year we were asked to speak during the "Ask" portion of the program. We asked people to make donations. Last year we raised $80,000.

This year we were invited back to do the "Ask" again. I recently received an e-mail from the planning committee. After speaking at this Breakfast with Champions, Dakota and I help raise over $100,000 in on site donations!

The money will go to support sports and activities for over 13,000 Special Olympics Athletes in the state of Arizona! Amazing!

Enjoy some of the pictures from the event.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the event.

New Job!

Everyone has watched the news and always here stories about people looking for work. People who are qualified to work but aren't given an opportunity to work. People just giving up.

I know how all of those people feel. Five years ago, I moved to Arizona to start a new life with my wife. I was going to be a full-time speaker, travel the world, run my mouth for a living and live the good life.

Then the economy crashed and people weren't looking for speakers or trainers. People were watching their money. I continued to speak as others left the business. The only problem was...the pay is very inconsistent. I worked several part-time jobs in the attempt to make ends meet. Some people asked, why part-time jobs? They were the only ones that would hire me.

I really don't know why I was never offered a "real job" over the last five years, it just didn't happen. I would go out and speak. Post fun blogs posts and give a "positive" face on Facebook. In reality, life was tough. Bills couldn't be paid and I was tired of watching tv reports talking about what people need to do to get work.

I learned that the people who would help me would be the people who truly care about me. I also learned that I would have to be honest with the people who cared about me. How do you do that?

I stopped living a lie and sent an e-mail out to all the people I knew cared about me. I left them know that I needed work. I sent them a copy of my resume. I asked for their help. Instead of spending all of my time contacting people I didn't know and didn't care about me, I contacted the people who do.

Next thing you know, family and friends started sharing ideas with me. Some were good, some didn't work, but I had options. Speaking work started coming in too!

I know have a new job. The job? I work at an Auction House. I'm an Account Manager and a Recruiter for an Auction School. The company is called Auction Systems and located in Phoenix, Arizona. What do I do? You can read the flyer I designed above, or I can describe it to you this way.

I find stuff for Auctioneers to sell and I find people to sell the stuff that needs to be auctioned. My jobs is a cross between the show Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Some of the things I've seen come to auction are amazing. Great stories I'll share in future Blogs.

I'm enjoying this "job" because the company took the time to see what I could really do. It helps that my new boss (Kara) told me about the company too. I'm being allowed to use all of my skills and talents. I was even able to speak a little bit during one of the auction school classes.

I even get to sneak in a few speeches and shows too. Did you happen to check out my "Ride" at the top?

 If any of you reading this want to learn how more about the Auction Business, contact me! I can let you know how to make money by auctioning items, running auctions or how to save money by buying at auctions.

I definitely have to thank GOD for placing me in the right situation after 5 years of searching for a job. I 'm in the right spot doing something I really enjoy.

I hope everyone reading this can find something they enjoy too!

Friday, November 02, 2012

It's a Boy!

On September 4th I got the best Birthday Gift ever! I went to the doctors office with Kelly for the sonogram that would let us know if our baby was healthy, growing and the sex.

It was amazing to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Then the utra sound technician let us know that everything looked good and strong. Then it happened...."HE" showed off his "STUFF!"

Our baby decided it was time to show off exactly who he was! We are going to be the parents of a bouncing baby boy!

The rest of the the check-up had our son showing off several time his boyness!

2013 is going to be an Amazing year when our first child is born in around the end of January.

What a great birthday. Time with my wife and learning we're going to be parents of a healthy baby boy.

Movie to see

With Kelly and I expecting the first addition to our family, certain movies and tv shows have more meaning.

I recently flew to the east coast for a speaking job. The movie played during the flight was "What to expect when you're not expecting." The movie is loosely based on the popular pregnancy book that my wife has me has me consistently renewing at the library.

The movie is about several couples living in Atlanta, Georgia and their adventures as parents and expecting parents.

The movie may not have been popular in theaters, but everyone I know who is a parent and is an expecting parent have loved the movie. I liked it so much, I had to rent it again to watch with Kelly.

You'll laugh a lot through the movie. One of the reasons I liked it so much, is I can relate to several of the scenes in the movie. The being dejected about not getting married. Friends being scared of children. House hunting. Wondering if you'll be a good parent. The truth about what women go through being pregnant.

The next time you're looking for something to rent, I suggest you give this flick a try.

Leave it to Mom!

My mom is in town visiting and one of her first comments to me...."I haven't seen any blog posts lately."

I started this blog to keep my family up-to-date on what's going on in my life.

I guess it looks like nothing has been happening.

The truth! Lots have been happening! Time to blow up the blog!