Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MLB Commercial

Last month I was in a commercial for Major League Baseball. Here is the finished product. Look for me in the back ground to the left of the pitcher.

Frank MLB Always Epic Commercials

Monday, May 09, 2011

6,000 Push-ups

About two weeks ago, I found out that a co-worker had completed a challenge with his friends. The challenge was to do 1,000 push-ups in a month. They did it in 30 days. I thought it was a cool challenge.

On my way home I started texting my friend Brian about my co-workers challenge. That's when Brian text back saying that's only 33 day, I can do 200. I text back that was 6,000 in a month. Brian said that should be our challenge. I told him he was crazy and I could only do 3,000.

Later that night, I was walking with my wife Kelly and Brian text me again. "200 done" He started the challenge. I went home that night and did 200 too. Since that Friday night, I've been working to average 200, push-ups a day. After 15 days, I'm at 3,002 push-ups. Half-way done.

Brian told me early on that I could do any style of push-up, so I've done just about every type of push-up possible. I've put a link below to show different types you can do.

The challenge has been fun and good for my body too. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Next month we're going to figure out a challenge we can do that can raise money for charity. The challenge will be good for us and others. The challenges are a good push for both of us because of our internal drives to be challenged. I posted the challenge on my facebook page and several people are participating too.

Funny how a simple conversation can get things going.

Types of Push-Ups

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I got to see my sister.

Last week I got to see my sister. It was only for an hour, but the hour was great. I haven't seen her since October. She's serving in the military and my chances to see her are very limited.

She had a brief layover at the Phoenix Airport, so we got to have breakfast together.

The time was limited, but it was great to see my little sister. She'll be out of the country this summer protecting our country. I won't get to see her again until next year. Talking to her on the phone is nice, but seeing her in person is better.

Thank for putting a smile on my face Melissa. Thank you for everything that you do. Be careful and keep in touch!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Mother's Day is Approaching!

The power of Motherhood.
by Frank Kitchen and Rodger Campbell

May is the month that we reflect on and celebrate the power of motherhood. Mother’s are powerful. Let’s face it, her kisses can sooth any boo boo. Her “momma stare” can silence a crowd. Her stern voice can stop moving traffic for miles. Mother’s are simply B.A.D. Mother’s Believe in their family. They take Action when others might flinch. They are Determined to ensure the success of their children. Even in their “human” moment’s, Mother’s impact lives. In Frank’s new book “ Fresh from the Kitchen”, he share’s a story from his college graduation which shows how a simple moment of courage creates a lasting impression.

“…..I looked over my shoulder to see our commencement speaker, the late Congresswoman Harriet Tubbs Jones. My mother had seen her deliver a speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and was a huge fan. I told my mom to ask her for a photograph. She told me, “I’m too scared to ask. What if she says no?” My mother, the woman I knew as fearless was lacking the courage to approach someone she idolized. That’s when I told my mom, “It never hurts to ask. If you don’t do it, I will!” My mother told me, “No, I’ll do it!” She approached Congresswoman Jones and introduced herself. She told her how she admired her and would like a photograph with her. Congresswoman Jones happily obliged and invited all of us over for a group photo. At this point, more people in the room noticed that the Congresswoman was in the room and came over for the opportunity to take a photo with her. At that point, she and her assistant informed the gathering crowd that the Congresswoman had another engagement and she needed to leave. The last photo she took that day was with my mother. The courage to approach her and ask a question created a special moment we wouldn’t forget. Several people approached my mother and made the same comment, “I wish I had the courage to ask for a photograph!” That courage made my mom a leader. I was proud of her.

My mother didn’t realize it, but she was a leader. She was motivating herself towards her goal of talking to an idol and inspiring her children. Leaders are people of action. Leaders have a drive and passion that unites the people they lead. Throughout our young lives, my mother taught my brother, sister and I to work hard towards accomplishing our dreams. It is one thing to speak wisdom, but it is something completely different to demonstrate that wisdom. By approaching the Congresswoman, my mother motivated herself towards her dream of meeting her idol. At the same time, she inspired her children. She showed us that it takes action to accomplish a dream. Her fear did not prevent her from achieving her dream.”

Mothers play numerous roles from Courageous Leader to Wise counselor and everything in between. We know that Motherhood isn’t easy. The job is demanding, The pay isn’t great and the hours are long and tedious. However, we encourage you to keep on fighting the good fight of Motherhood. Whether you’re a birth mother, adopted mother, Den mother,“neighborhood” Mother, or soon -to- be- mother; you make the difference just by being you. B.A.D. to the core!!

Happy Mother’s Day from the BADBADAPPLES.

Frank and Rodger are National Speakers, Authors, and Teachers.
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