Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amazing Olive Oils and Balsamics

Last weekend Kelly and I got married (more to come on that one).

The day after the wedding, we took some family and friends to Sedona to explore the hiking trails and some of the stores. One of the stores we went to is called "The Sedona Olive Oil Company." Kelly and I enjoyed our visit to the store a few weeks earlier, so we wanted to show it to our family and friends.

The have a variety of Olive Oils and Balsamics from around the world. They are AMAZING. After sampling just everything in the store, we all made purchases. The owners Francis and Irene even gave us a bottle to congratulate us on our wedding.

Because they treated all of us so well, I wanted to return the favor. If you love or even like olive oils and balsamics, you need to give them a try. Tell them Frank sent you! The mail nationwide and offer discounts on large purchases

Their website is below. I'm also including their address and phone number.

Sedona Olive Oil Company
Singua Plaza
320 N. Highway 89a Suite T
Sedona, AZ 86336

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Number Quotes

A friend of mine sent me a great website today. The site is gives you facts/quotes about numbers. You type in any number and it will give you a list of fun facts and quotes about that number.

Here's an example. Today in October 2, 2010 (1022010)

1,022,010 quarters would weigh as much as 1.66 African male elephants

Give it a shot! Click on the link below

Friday, October 01, 2010

Time to Exercise!

Last Night I went out running with Kelly. It was a 3 mile jog, but WOW! I've been slacking! Kelly ran a marathon in June and I ran 18 miles of it with her. A few months later, she asks me to join her for a short run, and it was tough three miles! My legs are a little sore today.

I'm really disappointed in myself. I'm pride myself on being in good shape. I jumped on the scale and another WOW! I'm 150 pounds! Not good when you are six foot two inches. There are people who have issues taking weight off, I have issues keeping it on. I've talked to doctors and trainers. I have to eat and work out.

My goal is to hit and stay at 170lbs. I've flirted with that number a few times, but not in a long time. I went to a healthy diet a few years back and it's amazing what happens when you eat junk food.

I told myself a few months ago that I would commit to doing the P90X program. It was working good for a few weeks, then I fell off the wagon. My good friend Brian started with me and we had the opportunity to work out together a couple of times. I noticed a real difference and I started putting weight on. Then I started saying "I'm busy" and here I am typing to you tonight.

The only way for me to become the healthy person I want to be is to put my info out there to the world. I'm hoping many of you will push me to get in better shape and hit my goals. Any time I post goals and dreams on this blog they come true. So blog readers, help me! I plan on posting weekly updates on what I'm doing to get into the shape I want to be in. I'm getting married in two weeks and we're talking about having kids. I'm going to be an older dad, but I want to be in great shape and health for my future kids. Kelly has the same dreams too.

Wow, this feels like a support meeting...."Hi, my name is Frank...I'm Skinny!"

I'm going to bed. I'm going to get up early and hit the pool in the morning and do the Ab Ripper X program from P90X. If any of you have ideas, knowledge or comments that can help me, please write.

Until then, thank you for listening...errr reading!

New Brochures!

I've been working with my good friend Rodger for the last four years as the speaking duo known as "The BAD BAD Apples!" We're pretty amazing together and we're working on spreading our information and knowledge to the world!

People have to know who you are in order for you to spread your knowledge. Here's our new brochure talking about our programs and who we are. Please share it with you're friends and co-workers.

We are the perfect speakers to kick off any conference or convention! We are also flexible! We have the ability to work with civic organizations, youth groups, schools, colleges, businesses and government agencies. Contact us to learn more!

We have special discounts and referral bonuses for anyone who mentions this blog!

To see more of what we do, be sure to look at the new links I put on the right side of this blog!