Thursday, February 22, 2007

Internet Promo

My friend Rodger and I will be speaking at a conference in Jacksonville, FL on April 1st. The conference asked us to record a one minute promotional spot for their website. They gave Rodger and I a call on Wednesday to record the spot. Rodger and I had practiced a few times the night before, but kept laughing and missing parts. We were told we could take as many takes as we wanted too until we got things right. To our suprise Rodger and I got things right on the first take! Wow!

That spot is a little cheesy, but it was fun.

If you want to hear it, go to the link below. When you get to the site, scroll down until you see the blur about "Frank and Rodger", then click on the link.

NCSL Keynote Speakers

Monster Truck?

Here is a funny picture I had to show off. I was driving home and saw this van. I've seen monster trucks, but why do you need to have a van with huge truck tires?

Employee Basketball Game

For the last three years, our college athletic department has sponsored a basketball game between the faculty (teachers) and the staff (non-teachers). On Thursday we had our annual game. We got snowed out last week. The game was before the last home game for the men's and women's teams. We always hold the games to help draw more fans to support our teams.

The game was a lot of fun, and the staff team, my team came back in the final seconds to win a dramatic (no one got hurt) 56-55 game. The staff team is now 3-0 versus the faculty. Here some photos from the game. Staff is in silver and faculty is in blue.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday! The last day of the Mardi Gras period! I almost forgot about it, until I got to work today and saw all my co-workers wearing their beads and sampling the food that my boss brought in. He "LOVES" Mardi Gras. He's been to New Orleans several times to celebrate. So, when can't make it down, he's brings the party to work. I can't wait to eat the Jambalaya he brought. I hope everyone has a great day today. For all the practicing Catholics reading this blog, good luck with what ever you give up for Lent!

Hopefully I'll be able to go down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras one day and share a few stories on the blog.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Many of you know that I've been dating a very special lady named Kelly! Friday was her birthday, so I wanted to wish the birthday girl a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

"Happy Birthday Kelly!"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Snowstorm

Valentines Day 2007...."The Heart Day Snowstorm!" We've had blizzard warnings all night and the snow is still falling. There are 3-4 foot snow drifts everywhere. There was also thunder and lightning. Work is closed today, so thats great. I've been watching my neighbors and people get stuck all morning. I tried helping a few neighbors last night. So, just like most of Cleveland, I'm snowed in for Valentines Day! Keep warm everyone!

Click on the photos to see them larger!

Look at the snow blower in the background. Ye, that snow drift is chest high!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

For everyone stuck in the snow on the east coast! Keep warm and be safe!

Happy Valentines Day to my AGP! I'm happy you liked your flowers!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cavaliers vs. the Lakers

Today I joined my best friend Scott and his basketball team at the Quicken Loans Arena to watch the Cavaliers play the Los Angeles Lakers. The Cavaliers won the exciting game 99-90. The best part of the game was getting to go on the floor before the game and be near the players. The Cavaliers have a program were organizations and teams can buy/sell game tickets. If you sell enough tickets, you can go on the floor before the game and give the players "high fives" as they walk on to the court. Most of the kids have never been to an NBA game or that close to an NBA player, so it was fun to see their reactions and faces. It was a good time and we got some good pictures. Ran into a couple of ex-NBA players in the tunnels. You have no clue how big the players are until you get up close to them.
Scott's girls/team enjoying seeing themselves on the jumbotron
LeBron James getting ready for the game

Special Pass given to go onto the floor.

Still Cold in Ohio!

This last week and a half have been super cold and snowy in Ohio. Nothing like upstate New York (they got 10 feet of snow in the last week). We've had wind chills reach negative thirty ( yes, -30 degrees) and today it hit 20 degrees for the first time in a week and it felt like a heat wave! Here is another picture of the bridge down the street. Notice how the river is frozen!

Super Bowl

A long day?

Starting Brian's friend's son off early! "Go Bears!"

Last week the Colts beat the Bears to win the Super Bowl. One of my really good friends (Brian) had a party to watch the game and to cheer for his favorite team ...."Da Bears!" Things started off great for the Bears, but things just weren't meant to be and the Colts won. The party was a lot of fun. Brian definately had the Bears theme going and some great games and door prizes. i didn't win! Oh well! Here are some pictures from the party and Brian's shrine to the Bears and his favorite football player Walter Payton!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


On Wednesday I was in suburban Chicago speaking at Aurora University. Spoke to students and staff on how to motivate members, employees and students. Got treated really good. The advertising of the event around campus was great to see. A photo is below. It was fun to see Chicago gearing up for the Super Bowl. Some of the pictures below are from the trip. There's a picture of my plane being de-iced, the ice on Lake Michigan, the students and advisors at Aurora and the Bears Banner at the airport.