Thursday, April 29, 2010

Magazine Article

Here is a recent magazine article I had published. Enjoy!

Are you a BAD APPLE?
By: Frank Kitchen
Last year, I ran in and completed my very first marathon. While running the ungodly distance of 26.2 miles, a lot of thoughts went through my head:

“Why am I doing this?”
“Where is the finish line?”
“Where is my girlfriend?”
“Where is the finish line?”
“That guy is running barefoot!”
“Where is the finish line?”

I also noticed I was running the race with 10,000 BAD APPLES.

What does BAD APPLE mean? When I travel the country with my speaking partner, Rodger Campbell, we are constantly asked that very question. We both believe that people and organizations are like apples. They have to ability to grow into something ordinary, rotten, or extraordinary.

Our goal is for everyone to become extraordinary! In order to do this you must become BAD. Don’t worry, being BAD is good thing. BAD means to have Belief, Action, and Determination.

Belief: We all have dreams in our lives, but do we really believe they can come true? My dream was to run and complete a marathon. One marathon! In order for my dream to become reality, I needed to believe I could complete the race. Without belief there is no action. A dream that doesn’t come true becomes a nightmare. Taking the first step to achieve a dream is the toughest part. You can only take that leap of faith when you truly believe.

Action: Now that I believed, I needed to take action. My actions included six months of training, consulting with running experts, buying the right equipment, and putting down my non-refundable entry fee. As the race date approached, I started to have doubts. I considered changing my mind, right until my last practice run; I ran over twenty miles with my girlfriend - and I didn’t die! This marathon thing could really happen. I was going to accomplish something extraordinary.

Determination: Race day arrived with a four o’clock a.m. beep beep beep-ing from my alarm clock. I got up and got ready. I got my carbs, drank my fluids, and took some ibuprofen. There was excitement as the race began. That excitement started to fade around mile thirteen. That’s when things really got tough. By mile eighteen I thought about quitting when my leg cramped up. The thought of not accomplishing my dream kept me going. I really didn’t want to have to run the race again. I mentally stayed determined. When other muscles started to lock up, I found the first aid station to get treatment. When I thought I was the only one having issues, I looked around and saw hundreds of other people facing similar difficulties. The torment bonded us. As the finish line approached, I had several friends there to cheer me on. That inspired me more. When I crossed the line, the celebration - and my retirement – began. Bags of ice on my knees, ibuprofen in my mouth, and “thank yous” to everyone who offered encouragement to me to achieve my dream.

No matter what you or your organization want to accomplish, you must be BAD. First, you must Believe in the dream. Second, you have to take the proper Action. Finally, when the hardships arise you must stay Determined to the end. Hardships will definitely test your beliefs, but if you stay determined, you can accomplish your dreams.

When we accomplish our dreams, it’s more than ordinary; it’s special. We get a sense of accomplishment, and we can’t wait to conquer our next challenge. This is success. This is being a BAD APPLE.

Frank Kitchen is a professional storyteller and inspirational speaker who entertains and educates audiences of all ages and experience. Leadership, Dating/Relationships, Recruitment, Volunteer Recognition and Training, Motivation, Diversity, Marketing, Event Planning, Communication, Organization, and Time Management are just a few of the topics he offers.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Program Descriptions

I've been reworking and updating my website and promotional materials. It is a constant process. Part of the process is to re-write the descriptions for my programs. Here's the new descriptions. If anyone reading knows someone who needs my services, please have them contact me! If I book a show off of your referral please let me know. I'll send a little something your way!

Thank you!

Frank Kitchen’s Programs and Descriptions

Thank you for taking the time to examine the programs I offer! I call them One Man Shows. Utilizing the knowledge, experiences and skills I gained as an educator, businessman and entertainer; I compel audiences to laugh and learn at the same time. I provide FUN CREATIVE KNOWLEDGE on Life, Love and Leadership. Whether a keynote performance or an interactive workshop, each show is customized to meet your needs. Sample the offerings below. All I need is you and the opportunity to shine!

“Are you a B.A.D.A.P.P.L.E?” - Secrets to a Dynamic Life

(Presented with Rodger Campbell)

Is your life a celebration or a chore? The choice is yours! Many wish to celebrate, but don't know how. During this amazing keynote experience you will:

· Discover your Significance in Life.

· Identify the 3 Stages of a Dynamic Life

· Appreciate the 3 Characteristics of Progress

· Develop a 5-Step battle plan for Success

Find out why, “B.A.D is a way of Life!”

“The Dating Recipe” – Creating Relationships full of Flavor

Romantic Relationships are just like cooking; they can be hot, spicy and sometimes dangerous. You need the right ingredients, the proper tools, practice and time. Join me on a humorous adventure into the world of dating and relationships. Whether Single, Dating or Married; we are all looking for the perfect recipe. Allow me to be your Sous –Chef in the creation of something special. Put on your Chef’s hat and let’s get cooking!

“T.A.G You’re It!” – Playing with a Purpose

Life is a game that everyone participates in. Games can be used to provide amusement and education. The only way to improve is to practice and play. Supply me with your goals and expectations and I’ll facilitate an experience to Train and Grow your skills in Communication, Diversity, Leadership, Relationships and More!!!!

Provide me with an open space and a group of enthusiastic people; and I’ll show you “It’s OK to Play!”

“Lessons of an Accidental Model” – Secrets to the Runway called Life

Life is your personal Runway! You’re on display and everyone is watching! Are you prepared for your opportunity to shine? My accidental adventures in modeling gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to excel in my personal and professional life. Don’t’ laugh, but you can learn a few things from models. My goal isn’t to make you a fashion model. I want you to become the star of your runway. Class is in session and it is time for you to discover how to live a “Model Life!”

The Little Things to Leadership

To become an exemplary leader you must have the ability to recognize the little things. Little things can turn into BIG THINGS quicker than you can imagine. I will teach you the “Lucky Seven” traits you must possess to excel as a leader. Prepare yourself to create the environment everyone desires to work in. Learn why it’s better to be lucky than good!

“The Trick or Treat Theory” - The 4 R’s to a Sweet Organization

Is your organization a Trick or a Treat? Do you know the difference? In order to have a Sweet Organization you need to have the “4 R’s!” You need to RECRUIT the right people; RECOGNIZE how to properly utilize their talents; create avenues to RETAIN them and REWARD their achievements. “Trick or Treat” is about building strong relationships. Investigate how to become the Sweetest House on the Block!

Master of Ceremonies/ Professional Presenter

I would love the opportunity to be your Master of Ceremonies. Provide me with an invitation and I will keep your audience engaged and make your event a success!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Quote of the Day!

“If you don’t follow through on your dreams, you might as well be a vegetable.”

- Sir Anthony Hopkins in "The World's Fastest Indian" - 2005

Movie Quotes

Before all of my shows and speeches I have a "Pre-Show" for the audience. It consists of upbeat music and a slide show. The slide show has information on me, trivia questions and fun facts.
It's been a long time since I updated my pre-show. It's way over due and I'm working on it as I type this blog.

I'm adding slides called "Reel Inspiration", "Reel Leadership", "Reel Love", "Reel Motivation." People are motivated by movies. I'm adding some of my favorite movie quotes from film to help Inspire and Motivate Audiences. I have a lot of great material to pull from.

If you would like to help me with this project, e-mail me your favorite quote and the movie it is from.

Also check out this website for ideas REEL LIFE WISDOM

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do until you get to do what you want to do."
- Jonathan Sprinkles

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Airlines to charge for carry on bags?

Just read a very interesting article on the USA Today website! I guess airlines want us to travel with nothing! When you book your next flight be sure to research all of the "costs" not just the ticket price!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Do you want to be a speaker?

"Hello Blogger Friends and Family, my business associate Delatorro McNeal II is having an amazing Weekend Training Experience for those of you who would like to become Paid Professional Speakers and Published Authors. He is looking for a few serious students to mentor, and would like for you to be one of them. Visit now to learn more!"