Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog # 700!

Kelly and I are having a baby! More details in  2013! Blog number 700 is VERY SPECIAL!

Thanks Mom!

I got a birthday card from my mom today. In the card she thanked me for keeping in touch and for typing this blog.

Just like many of you, she reads this blog to keep up with what's going on in my life.

Speaking of life, there are times we let "life happen." It's a term my friend Rodger and I have. We use the term when we have plans to do something then "life happens" and your plan changes.

I planned to post 104 blogs this year. I'm way behind! I let life happen, but not the way I want it to happen.

After reading my mom's card, I realized that I haven't posted anything for almost 3 months! Wow!

That will change! I look at the picture above and I know the answer. I am the person who loves to share information with people and put smiles on their faces! When I blog, things just feel right.

So, enjoy and be on the look out for TONS of blogs! I will make time to blog and not use the excuse of "I'm busy."

Remember make to live life, don't just "let it happen."