Monday, September 16, 2013

Yep, I'm 40!

On September 4th I turned 40 years young! 40 is a scary number for a lot of people. For me, I think "really?"

Growing up you think of 30 and 40 being old. You think of it as looking old. You think of it as you can't do anything.

For me, 40 is a rebirth. It's the start of
a lot of new things in my life. Lots of possibilities. I'm a brand new dad. I'm still a new husband. I just got a new job. I'm also looking to make my speaking into something big.

I completely understand what people mean when they say that "age is nothing but a number." I've had 40 good years do far, but I'm looking to make the next 40 amazing!

Thank you everyone for all the emails, phone calls and Facebook posts.

Enjoy the pictures of the cake Kelly made for me and lunch I had with Kelly and some friends! I had 3 other friends who share the same birthday with me. I had lunch with 3 if them and congratulated the 3rd, who just happens to be a new dad too. Funny how life works

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