Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm lucky to have my wife!

People always talk about the people who support them in their dreams and pursuits. This blog entry is for my amazing wife. Being married to a performer/speaker is very tough. When times are good, they are good, when times are tough, boy are they tough! You never know how much money is truly coming in. Your hopes get super high when people show interest in you and those hopes come crashing down when budgets get cut, businesses close and unexplained events just seem to happen.

It's always good to have someone there to help support you mentally, physically and fiscally! The person who does this for me the most is my wife Kelly. I don't have enough space to say all the things she does for me. Having her there physically and other times spiritually is what I enjoy . Seeing her smile or share an idea with me drives me. Having her kick me in the butt when I needed doesn't always make me happy, but her input is wanted, needed and appreciated.

Nothing better describes the words I typed above than earlier this week. I recently started up a networking group with some friends. One of the driving forces was my wife hearing me complain about not having a good group of people to connect with to share ideas and grow with. She made the comment of, "Why don't you start your own?"

She was right. After a few months of several small get togethers, the Compass Networking Group had it's first meeting for the public. It took several months to get things going, but when it was time for showtime, Kelly was up with me at 5AM to prep for the meeting.

She also spent the weekend, making "Apple" themed items for my BAD Apple speech. It was nice to have friends attend the event, but when I really needed that last bit of encouragement, there was my wife in the CROWD (7 people, including smiling!

Below you'll find pictures of the Apple Jam's Kelly handmade to give as door prizes. The apple muffins she made for the 7AM visitors and the refreshment/promo table she set-up!

Thank you Kelly! I love you! I'm a lucky man! I'll be repaying you for your confidence in me very soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Blog Site

As I close in on Blog number 700, I just wanted to let everyone know I have another blog now too!

The BAD BAD Apples officially have their own Blog!

Please feel free to look at the page and learn what you can do to achieve your next success!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

New Website for the BAD BAD Apples

I am lucky enough to be a part of the dynamic speaking duo known as "The BAD BAD Apples." We travel the country encouraging others to achieve in creative ways. We just returned from San Antonio, Texas where we were invited to speak at a leadership conference.

Rodger and I enjoyed having people yell out "Hey Apples" while walking the streets, but more importantly, we enjoyed hearing people say thank you! Quite simply, we believe if you treat people like an apple great things can happen for you and others. Apples have value and impact. If you treat everyone you meet as if they are valuable, you will impact their life in a positive way and more than likely they will do the same for you. This is growth, this is success, this is achievement.

To learn more about what we do, please check out our brand new website by clicking on the link below!


 The World Famous San Antonio Riverwalk
 The Alamo
 Me and Rodger

Inspirational Quote

My mom told me the other day how much she enjoys reading this blog. She is one of the reasons I started writing this blog. We can't talk everyday, so I wanted to her to see what was going on in my life. I never knew how much my blogs would cheer her up and inspire her.

I never know how much this blog would impact other people too!

I just wrote my blogs, because I felt alive when I typed.

I was reminded about that while cleaning up my garage today and came across this quote I wrote on a piece of paper.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and do that, because what the world needs is people who come alive."  Gil Baile

I hope all of you are inspired to go out and do something that makes you come alive. Blogging is one of those things for me. I didn't blog much in June because I  didn't make the time. I'll be sure to make up for it here in July, because I understand that this little place on the internet helps others come alive too!

Thank you for your support mom!