Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quote of the Day

Tough times separates the "Winners" from the "Whiners!"
-John C. Maxwell

February and March 2010

I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me how much she enjoys reading my blogs. I started my blog several years ago, so she, my family and friends could keep up with the goings on in my life. Over that time other people began reading this blog and it evolved into sharing my life stories, advice and knowledge.

I took some time the other night to look over some of my old blogs with my fiance Kelly. It was fun to review all of the experiences we have had together. Seeing all of the amazing things that I have done was very inspiring. It was fun to relive the stories and remember the adventures through the photos that I have posted.

I haven't blogged as much over the last six months as I usually do, but that will change. Blogging is fun for me and it gives me the opportunity to get a lot off of my chest and share a lot of knowledge and experiences from my life.

Here is a quick review of my life over the last two months. February and March have flown by!

Go Carting with my Nephew to be!

Rubbing is Racing!

Tori and Little Pig. I feed them during my Warthog talk when working at the Zoo.
Me giving the Baboon and Mandrill talk at the zoo.

Have microphone will talk and and entertain.
Spock waiting for his food during one of my talks
Funny Sign from a dinner during my trip with Kelly to Sedona.

The Coleman Entertainment Booth in Atlanta during the APCA Conference. I was invited to teach two workshops.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday Kelly. For the first time since we've been together, I was in town to celebrate both days with Kelly.

We call have tough times in life, but this picture just proves that things could be worse! How do you explain this to your insurance agent?

I get to work the giraffe deck at the Phoenix Zoo from time to time.

Met these two ladies on the way back from Wisconsin. They were on their way to Australia for a study abroad program. I shared my stories from time in Australia. They thanked me for the info I shared with them and told me they felt a little less nervous after talking with me. Good Luck ladies!

The Grand Canyon from 30,000 ft. Notice the snow on the canyon rim and no snow in the canyon.

Just and funny shirt I had to take a photo of.

One of the Komodo Dragons at the Phoenix Zoo during one of my talks.

Planning a fall wedding with Kelly. We're looking to get married in the mountains of Sedona, Arizona. Lots of work to do and it's hard staying inside of your budget. It's very easy for your eyes to get bigger than your stomach...err wallet!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Phoenix Zoo

The Geico Gecko?
Where did this hay come from? From Frank during the Zebra Talk!

Sting Rays Hiding! Guess Lola is camera shy!Baby Cow born a last month!

I get to see amazing things daily when I work at the Phoenix Zoo. You can find out more about the zoo by following the zoo on Twitter. Click HERE to follow the zoo. You might even score free tickets by being a follower!

Quote of the Day

"Tomorrow starts Today!" - Frank Kitchen

Stop putting things off until tomorrow. If you really want something you have to start now. Waiting for tomorrow means that something isn't that important. Tomorrow turns into next week; next week turns into next month; next month turns into next year; next year turns into I wish I would have dones and If I could turn back time.

If something is really important to you, go for it now. Don't wait until tomorrow!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Work for yourself?

In these tough times of people being laid off, not being employed or not being satisfied with their work; a few brave soles have decided to start their own businesses.

The feeling is, if I'm going to work hard, I should work hard to make my dreams come true and not the dreams of someone else.

It's funny how we are told about how great diversity will be in our lives. We are told have diverse friends, experiences, stock portfolios, ideas, etc. But, when it comes to work, we need to specialize. When you do specialize in one thing, and that one thing goes bad, your are out of luck. You're either forced into working something you don't enjoy, unemployed or looking for something new/starting over.

I've learned that the hard way and I'm teaching myself how to be like a farmer. A farmer doesn't specialize in just one crop, he or she has several crops. They have a main crop and buffer crops to help pick up the slack if the main crop has low demand or need. Why aren't we taught this with our work lives and careers?

For a year now I've been a business owner. I don't have the ability to completely live off of my business alone but that is the plan. When it does take off, I'll be sure to have other employment and other buffer crops under the umbrella of my business name "Frank Kitchen Enterprises."

The current economy has taught us that nothing is guaranteed. We have to do what we can to provide for ourselves and our families.

A lot of businesses want people to be loyal to them but they aren't loyal to their employees. This s why people have to start looking out for themselves more. To do this many are starting their own companies. You have to work hard when you have your own business, but you know what and who you're working for.

If you would like to know more about starting your own business, click on this LINK!

Do Companies Really want to hire people?

I'm sure many of you reading this blog are like me....unhappy with your current work situation or looking for work.

The thing that amazes me is process of finding work. Companies put up now hiring signs, but tell people to apply online. Career fairs are held to meet face to face, but people are told to apply online. When you do go to apply online many of the systems have filters that don't allow people with great experience and backgrounds to have the slimmest chance of an interview.

I often ask myself the question do employers really want any employees at all?

I've been "hunting" for "REAL" employment for almost two years now. I've followed all of the "rules" to job hunting, but haven't caught my trophy yet. To be honest, I haven't seen much that I would consider a trophy.

I definitely understand that this is a "Employers Market." They can pick and choose whom ever they want. I heard a report the other day that there are 12 people available for ever single job offered. I talked to my tax guy the other day and he told me how over 100 people applied for the part-time office assistant position he posted on a internet site. That number doesn't seem to amazing until I tell you over a hundred applied in just over two hours.

It's not possible for anyone to read through all of the resumes to find the perfect candidate, but how are you supposed to stand out? A good friend of mine is right, the internet is killing job hunting. It limits people being able to stand out amongst the crowd. You can't do everything in this world face to face, but it can''t all be computer to computer.

I applied several times for a management position at a retailer. I never got a call or an e-mail. Then I applied on a PAPER application for a cashiers position and got an interview and job. Several weeks into the job, I have a talk with the District Manager(DM). The DM learns about my background and asks would I be interested in applying for a position with the company. I explained that I had applied several times before. There response was, they never saw anything on me. Pretty amazing that I applied through the companies website and a job hunt website a never made it through the filter.

With the thousands and millions of people applying for jobs daily, you never know what a person or company is looking for. You may put Leadership on your resume, but the filter on their computer may be looking for the word Management and vice versa.

With all the barriers put up by companies, you wonder do they really want quality people at all, or are they just too lazy to look? Yes there has to be a process to weed out the good from the bad, but there has to be a better way. And just because someone may seem over qualified doesn't mean they're going to jump ship or won't stay around long. People apply for jobs for a reason. Find out why before you just throw their name into a pile.

I don't have any hardcore advice for those of you reading this blog. I'll just tell you this, do what you can to standout. Let employers know who you are. There are no rules! I was helping a friend with their resume and while doing research on the perfect style for them, I found two interesting sites. One website, gave a top ten list of everything you should have on your resume. The other site had a top ten list of everything not to have on your resume. The lists were the same.

That, just goes to show you, that you don't know what people and companies are looking for.

So when you're looking for a job, I suggest the following:

#1 Read your resume and have other people read your resume. Ask this simple question, "Does
my resume tell you who I am? Is it a bunch of words or do you truly understand who I am
and what I can do for you?" If you let people who truly know you proof your resume, they will
let you know the answer to the question.

#2 Get Personal. Everyone is sending letters to "Whom it may Concern" or the "Director of
Human Resources." Do what you can to find out who is really doing the hiring. Mail or
E-mail that person directly.

#3 Talk to your friends or people you know. The world has become more and more about "Who
you Know" versus what you know. There is nothing wrong with talking to someone you know
about helping you get an interview or at least a reference. Once you get the interview it's all up
to you, but you have to get the interview first so, do what you can to get it!

#4 The job hunting sites are full of SCAMS! If you're looking for work on Monster, Craiglists,
Careerbuilder, etc., be careful! A lot of heartless people are preying on out of work people, so
if you see something to good to be true, it probably is. Anytime you worry, just type in the
company name and scam into a internet search to see what results you get.

#5 Finally make a list of companies or products that you like and look to see if they are hiring. A
lot of companies don't post jobs on search sites. They post them on their on webpages.

Good Luck Everyone! If you find any work for me, let me know! Or when you get a good job, contact me to come motivate your staff and co-workers!


The land of opportunity?

Dear America,

Our country is called the "Land of Opportunity!" But lately it appears to be the land of "Hoping, Wishing and Wanting More than we are willing to sacrifice for!" We all expect to have a certain lifestyle, but are we really willing to really work for it?

An opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Lately I wonder if any of us are really doing anything? We "HOPE" and we "WISH," but hoping and wishing just means that we are waiting for something to happen. I just like many of you have fallen into this trap.

The sad part of our current society is we are told to wish for things and hope things get better, but lack of action really doesn't make things happen. The people who make things happen or have their dreams come true are called "Lucky!" The truth is; Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity. Preparation is a mental action we have to do daily. Are we really preparing ourselves to make things better? Are we taking the needed time make our wants and needs come true?

I'm not telling everyone to work 24/7, but when we have dreams that don't come true, they become nightmares. It's ok to be a dreamer, but everyday you fail to make your dream come true, the further out of reach it becomes.

Things are tough, I know! But in this "Land of Opportunity," we need to do like our founding fathers and other great people in history did, we have to make things happen.

We all have list of things we want to do. Bucket Lists, Things to do Lists, Vision Boards, Etc. For some people this is a nice starts, but others never start. You do have to start the race, but you need to finish too!

So, my challenge to everyone reading this (me included) is not to wait for tomorrow to make your dreams (wants and needs) come true, start immediately! Share your ideas with friends and family. Go after the opportunities that present themselves to you. If opportunities don't present themselves, make them.

Opportunities are made, they are not wished upon and hope doesn't make them happen! Just remember, if you really want something you have to work hard for it and sacrifice to get it!

Go out and make things happen people!


She Did it!

My friend Katie Spotz became the youngest person to ever row the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to South America solo. A pretty amazing feet. 70 days on the water by herself!

The story is amazing and I really can't type the right words to let everyone know what she did. So, click HERE to see her interview on CNN.

I talked with her briefly the other day and even though you accomplished something amazing, she is still the same modest, sweet person. She made a joke about Tiger Woods being all over the news when she began her journey and how he was all over the new when she finished. Pretty funny how the world covers news. 22 year old rows across the Atlantic to raise money for charity...not much coverage. Celebrity cheats on his wife....24/7 coverage!

Click on the link above to be inspired!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to get the most out of people!

I was doing some cleaning around the house and came across a great card I picked up during one of my many travels. It reads like this:

15 School Tested Strategies to Boost Morale and Get More out of People

1. Admit Mistakes
2. Promote from within
3. Respect privacy
4. Help Beginners
5. Praise in Public and Criticize in Private
6. Be Consistent
7. Give Honest Feedback on a Regular Basis
8. Listen
9. Create Opportunities for Professional and Personal Growth
10. Conduct Exit Interviews to identify problems
11. Avoid Quick Decisions that disregard staff feelings and concerns
12. Get to Know staff members better
13. Make seeking input a habit
14. Avoid Favoritism
15. Celebrate Together

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got to have Good Marketing!

One month and no blogs! Come on Frank, get you act together! I'll be doing a review of the last month soon.

What I have been doing over the last month has been working on my speaking and company.

I recently went to a conference in Atlanta where I got a chance to network with a lot of performers. It was great to share ideas, watch others perform and get ideas for the future.

Here is an import rules I've really come to realize for anyone who has a business or is starting a business.

#1 Put together a marketing plan
People need to know who you are! Create a identity and logo for your business. Develop ways to stand out from the competition. Have a great website!

Many times we focus so much on our product, we forget about selling our product. We have less than seven seconds to make a first impression. If you have poor marketing then people will think you have a poor product. I've spent the last couple of weeks redoing my marketing with the help of a graphic artist and re-working my website. Some of the samples are above.

If anyone has any great ideas on ways for me to promote myself, please contact me at