Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wyoming and Montana

I just got back from a great trip up north. Roger and I got invited to speak at the Wyoming Leadership Conference at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. Powell is locted just south of the Montana/Wyoming border and about 90 miles from the eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We wanted to visit the park, but we just didn't have enough time. We did get to see a lot of beautiful landscape. Here are a few of the photos from the trip. I will post more information and photographs later. I have to get unpaked and ready for another trip this week.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Major Payne Website (Click Here)

I was working on a workshop today. I was doing some research and stumbled across a website that has audio clips from the movie "Major Payne." Some of the clips are "Classic!"

Click on the link above if you need a good laugh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 (Click Here)

Clothing designer Marc Ecko purchased Barry Bonds' 756th homerun ball for over $752,000. He believes the record is tarnished because of steroids, so he's letting people vote on what to do with the ball he purchesed. Click on the link about before September 25th to cast your vote. The choices are A.) Send the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame B.) Brand the ball with an asterisk and send it to the Hall of Fame or C.) Send it into outerspace. I think it would be funny to see them launch the ball into space, but I voted for B.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keeping Busy

Haven't blogged much in the last week. I've been keeping busy. I'm preparing to hit the road again next week, so I've been working on some speeches and working with a friend to write a couple of workbooks/ books. On top of that, I signed a contract with a movie casting company last week, they said they liked my look and my resume. Hopefully you'll be seeing blogs and pictures of me working on a movie set.

After doing all of that, I got to help Kelly out a little bit last week. She's a teacher and they have a ton of work outside and inside of the classroom. Seeing how busy she was, I volunteered to help her out and she took me up on my offer. I spent the last week being her assistant. I got to help grade papers, make copies and work with students. Volunteering was a lot of fun. I'm sure after reading this, Kelly will find some more work for me to do! =0 )

Favorite part of last week was the weekend. Kelly and I went out to dinner to celebrate the one year anniversary of our first date. To celebrate we went back to the same restaurant. I couldn't get the same table we sat at last year. We had a good time and good meal. Neither of us can believe how fast the last year has gone and that we would be living with each other. I guess you can say we had a really good dinner a year ago! =0 )

The Kingdom (Click Here)

Kelly and I went to see a senak preview of "The Kingdom" on Saturday. Really good movie. I'll definately give it my "Go see it" stamp of approval. The movie doesn't come out until Sept. 28th. The movie stars Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner. The plot and story are really good and the ending will leaving you thinking. If you want more information, click on the link above.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thank you Teri!

Hi Teri. Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog and letting me know about my old place. The only problem is, I don't know how to get in touch with you. You have my business card, can you please e-mail me with your contact information or call my cell phone.

Thank you!

Tell everyone I said hello!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank you Kelly!

Tuesday was my birthday. Kelly has been really busy with work and keeping up with me. Even with her crazy schedule, she still found the time to take me out to a really nice seafood restaurant. She had planned this for awhile. The food was great and the company was even better. If you’re ever in Phoenix and have the taste for seafood, look up the following restaurant:

McCormick & Schmick’s
2575 East Camelback Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
(602) 468-1200

I recommend the crab cakes! MMMMMM!!!!!!

Thank you Kelly! =0 )

P.S. – Thank you to everyone who called, wrote, text, e-carded me, Facebooked, Myspaced and e-mailed me with B’day wishes!

Labor Day

On Labor Day I joined Kelly and her friends for the Jerome Hill Climb. The Jerome Hill Climb is a 4.6 mile run in the town of Jerome, Arizona. Jerome is known as the Arizona Ghost Town. The town is built on the side of a mountain about 30 miles south of Sedona and about 100 miles north of Phoenix. The town used to be a huge mining town. Copper, Silver and Gold were lifeblood of the mines. Most of the mines closed in the mid 1900’s and the town went from 15,000 people to less than 50. That’s how the town got it’s Ghost town designation. In recent times, the town has become a big artist area. There are a ton of shops and restaurants. There are also Haunted Mine tours. Kelly and I would like to go back when we have more time.

After touring the town and all the shops on Sunday, we got ready for the “run” on Monday. The town is 5200 feet in elevation. That’s right, over a mile above sea level. The temperature was great for a run (70’s -80’s) but we found out that the run was straight up the mountain behind the town. To start the race we had to walk over a mile downhill to the starting area. From there, it would be 4.6 miles straight up. Kelly is nursing a bad ankle and I’m not in running shape, so we decided to just “power walk” the course. The mountain the town is built on is 7700 feet tall. I’m guessing we climbed somewhere above 7,000 feet. When the race started everyone but Kelly and I took off running. We just kept our pace (about 4 miles and hour), and we eventually started passing people. We made to the finish line in 1 hour and 12 minutes. Kelly and I crossed the finish line at the same time, but somehow she fished about 20 seconds ahead of me when the race results were posted. The winner of the race was from Africa. He finished in 29 minutes!

The views going up the mountain were amazing! When we got to the top we found out we were going to have to walk back down. Ughhh! Yep that adds up to over 10 miles. We started to walk about down. About half a mile down a truck beeps at us and invites us to ride down. The couple in the truck stayed in the hotel room next to our group. We had talked to them earlier in the morning. They remembered us, so invited us to ride back down. It pays to be nice to people. While we were driving back down, we found out that man driving they truck proposed to his fiancé as she crossed the finish line.

I brought Kelly’s camera with me (here’s is better than mine). Here are some photos of Jerome and the “run” errrrr walk up the mountain.

Hair or No Hair?

I normally shave my head about every 2 to 3 days. I was a little bored/lazy for about 10 days, so I let my hair grow for a little bit. I finally got tired of it, so I shaved it off. Here are some before and after pictures. Feel free to leave some comments. Do you like me with hair or without it?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Upcoming Dates

My schedule is starting to slow down for a bit, so I can actually get unpacked. I have severaly speaking jobs coming up. Here's what's on the calendar for the next couple of months.

Sept. 27-29 Powell, Wyoming Wyoming Leadership Conference
October 4-6 Lancaster, Pennsylvania NACA Conference
November1-3 Hartford, Conneticut NACA Conference
December 5 Columbus, Ohio Ohio Financial Aid Conference
December 6 Athens, Ohio Ohio University

Be on the look out for the BAD BAD APPLES Video on the internet in about 3 weeks. I will post on the site. There is some really funny stuff. Trust me!

Me and the trainer!

I set a goal to invest in myself this year. I wanted to work on putting on a few pounds and eat healthier. I've been reading books, websites and talking to lots of people. When I got out to Arizona, I finally signed up for a gym membership. Part of my membership includes meeting with a personal trainer. I get to meet with the trainer three times to start and once a month after that. My trainer has me a on great program and has shown me all the things I was doing wrong over the last couple of years. I wasn't doing anything really bad, but I wasn't doing the right things to meet my goals of adding weight and muscle.

I'm proud to say after about two weeks I've added almost 10 lbs. I'm on supplements (not steroids), vitamins and a proper diet. I learned quickly about the proper diet last week, when I got a little light headed because the trainer pushed me really hard and I didn't eat properly the night before. I didn't pass out, but I needed to lay down for awhile.

If you're looking to improve your body (weight loss, muscle gain, health, etc.) I definitely recommend finding a certified trainer and learning about food.