Saturday, June 24, 2006

Movie Audition

I auditioned for a movie this morning. Its a horror movie that will film here in Cleveland in August. I know a few of the people working on the projcet. You never know how auditions go, so I'll just have to wait and see. It was soemthing different and fun, and another way to push/challenge myself. I don't know if I'll get a part in the movie, but at least I went to the audition.

I guess thats me, trying new things that will help me grow personally and professionaly. =0 )

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Comedy Night

Visited a local comedy club for my friend Rachel's Birthday. I had some free passes from work. The comedians were good, but I've seen better. The club, Pickwick and Frolic is a great place. If you're ever in Cleveland, check it out. Here is the link:

You can also click on Comdey Night and that will link you to the webpage.

All Star Game

I went to the SAL Single-A Minor League Baseball All Star Game last night. It was a good time. I went with my friends Scott, Dave and Sue. I got a baseball that was hit during the Homerun Derby. We almost got hit by a few more. We should have brought gloves! The pics below are from last nights events.

Air Force C-130 fly over before the game
National Anthem
Classic Park, Eastlake, Ohio
North All-Stars (Home Team) won 4-0! Sorry no pics of the fireworks after the game!

Great Storm Pics

We had some strong thunderstorms come through Cleveland on Monday night. I had a meeting with a friend and the pictures below are what we saw when we walked out to the parking lot after the meeting. He said it looked like the movie "Independence Day!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Long Time no Blog

Remember when we were little kids? Do you remember the lack of fear, our constant quest to find out how everything works, the constant energy, the hairstyles and clothes our parents picked out for us?

Yep thats me to the left. Its funny how as we get "older", we start to loose that little kid inside of us. We start to "grow up" and forget about what makes life fun. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. We all get older, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun in our lives. Instead of asking "why" or "why not," we start thinking "no" or "thats no possbile." To a child everything is possible and there's always a backdoor or a way to do something. The simplest things can be turned into something fun and exciting. I strive to be that way again!

I've been doing what I can try to be that way again (minus the afro and polyester suit). I want to explore the world, laugh all the time, spend time with friends, do things I enjoy and not worry about what other people think and to just ENJOY myself. With summer quickly approaching I think we all look to bring that little kid again!

Lately, I've been spending time with friends, going to a couple of art shows, finishing up some spring cleaning, waiting for summer weather to arrive, attempting to beat my best friend Scott in golf and figuring out stuff to do for the summer.

While doing a few of these things, I see that little kid coming out again. Willing to try anything, trying to make the most out every minute and not worrying about other people!

I hope everyone has a GREAT SUMMER and remembers to HAVE FUN! Life is too short!

Quick story before I end things....the little kid inside of me came out this past weekend when I heard the magical sound that we all know.....The music of the ICE CREAM TRUCK! Acutally two different trucks drove through my complex. It was weird, there were no kids around, no kids chasing the truck and being ignored by the driver. Does anyone remember yelling, "mom, the ice cream man is coming! I need some money to buy ice cream!" Then your mom would take forever to give you money, then take orders for everyone in the house and take 30 30 minutes to give you the order. Then you would chase the truck waving money in your hand while the driver laughed at you and the crowd of kids chasing the truck. A bunch of kids chasing a old broken down delivary truck with a creepy old man selling sugary items that turned our tongues every color of the rainbow! Ahhhh...memories!

Friday, June 02, 2006

More Toyota Commercial Pics

Here are some new pics e-mailed to me from the commercial shoot on Tuesday. Thanks Ann Marie!