Friday, March 31, 2006

G'day from Australia

Downtown Melbourne from the CAB -The Telstra Dome is in the middle

Beware of the Bird Virus! Nice sign waiting for us at Customs.
Los Angeles International Airport
Sunrise over the Pacific

I just broke out my laptop and here are some pics from the trip so far! I've got my technical problems worked out, so I will type some more information about the trip later today (Saturday). Be sure to click on the Australia Blog link too for more pics and info on the trip!

I'm in Australia

Hello Everyone! After 20+ hours in the air and 8+ hours in airports, I've finally made it to the land down under. I don't have much time to type right now, but I'll post some pics to let everyone know I'm ok.

I'm having some problems uploading pictures, so I'll give it a shot later tonight.
More to come soon!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Busy Weekend!

People always tell me how busy I am, and I definitely realized that after this weekend!

I had my "Going Away/Not going Away Party" on Friday. I want to thank all of my friends who stopped by to hang out with me and enjoy food and fun. I think the last group left around 2AM, so there was a lot of fun had. Due to the fact I'm leaving town in a few days, a lot of my friends received the "door prize" of food and beverages. The people who stayed the longest went home with left overs. Having the GREAT friends that I do, they brought plenty of food and drinks. Way too much for me to each in 3 days!

After recovering from my party(4 hours of sleep), I headed down to Kent State on Saturday morning. I went to a Rotary Conference to answer questions about our teams trip to Australia. We got to meet the Australian Team. They were excited to see snow. Our team is excited to get away from the snow. You can read more about Saturday by reading the link to the right (Australia Blog).

When I got back home, I stopped in on the calling hours for a former student's father. He died in a construction accident last week. Thoughts and Prayers to the Kolence Family of Mentor-on-the Lake, Ohio.

I then headed home to finish the after party clean up. I was then invited out by my friends Joe and Angela. They wanted to see me before I headed out of the country. Joe and Angela, thank you for the great meal and even better conversation.

Today, no rest for Mr. Busy. I've always wanted to an NCAA major event. My friend Christina invited me to join her to watch the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. The Sweet 16 Round is being played here in Cleveland. We watched Tennessee beat Rutgers (Christina is happy, that's her team) and North Carolina beat Purdue on a buzzer beater. If you ever get a chance to watch a college event, go for it. The bands, the fans and the spirit are amazing. I know Christina is reading this, so I have to say, "The bands, the fans, the spirit and GOOD COMPANY I had are amazing!" We're going back with a group on Tuesday for the finals. I've promised to wear something orange to help cheer for Tennessee.

So, I'm here updating my blog, the pictures above are from the game today. I still have to pack for the trip, I have a few little things to finish. I have some more GREAT friends taking me out for dinner tomorrow, so the busy times continue. I think I'll finally catch up on some sleep when I get on the plane on Wednesday. I have 20+ hours of flying ahead of me on Wednesday.

Thank everyone for reading, look for some great stories and pictures over the next 6 weeks!

When do you leave for Australia

People keep asking me, "Frank when do you leave for Australia?" I looked into my fridge (picture above) and realized the trip is coming up quick. I leave on Wednesday, and I won't be back until the second week of May. I started a blog to record all of my trip adventures. I'll try to copy a lot of the information on this blog too, but when you get a chance, click on the Australia Blog link to the right of this page.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lazy People

There are sometimes when I wonder...."why don't you have your camera with you?"

I stopped by McDonalds this afternoon to take advantage of the $1.00 menu. I'm a big spender! When I turn into the parking lot I notice cars all the way around the store. There had to be at least 15 cars in the drive through lane. So, I just find a parking spot and walk in. I noticed a car at the drive through window. There is no one inside! I get my food in about 2 minutes. As I walk out, the car I walked by is just leaving and the other 14 cars are still there.

It makes you wonder how lazy people can be. I didn't see any crying kids in the cars. I didn't notice any old people, I didn't see any handicapped stickers in the window, and its 45 and sunny outside. Is it really that hard to walk into a store, or are people just that Lazy?

And speaking of lazy, I love the drive through lane at Dunkin Donuts!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Cousin

My cousin Samuel Bernard Glover is celebrating his birthday today. He's in Iraq right now, but should be back in the USA in June. "Bernie" as we all call him just got promoted to Major, so if you get a chance, please leave a comment on my blog saying "Happy Birthday" or congratulations on his promotion!

Happy Birthday "Old Man!"

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Living the High Life

It never hurts to know important people. One of my former students in a sales manager for a Columbus Hotel. She set me and Scott up with a "Sweet Suite". The place has a full kitchen, bedroom, and living room. And most importantly there's the Hot Tub. If you're ever in Columbus or other cities around the country look up the Woodfin Suites or the Chase Suites!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm in Columbus!

Inside Value City Arena at The Ohio State University
Value City Arena

The Horse Shoe

I'm in Columbus this weekend on the campus of THE Ohio State University. Here are some pics of the campus and the trip so far!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


You can always see funny things on St. Patty's Day! Here is a picture of my funny siting for St. Patty's Day 2006!

Ugly or Not?

Hello Everyone,

I'm in Columbus for the State High School Basketball Tournament. If you're team wins two games, you're the state champion. The games are televised and taped for all too see. Reporters and camera people are everywhere! So, if you're a coach you'd think you'd want to look your best. There was one coach who didn't get the message..."Look your best?" I personally think the coaches outfit is ugly, but I'm putting pictures on the internet to get your vote. So leave a comment in my comments section and let me know what you think

Monday, March 13, 2006

Where are the blogs?

I've been keeping busy. This weekend I went to a friends house for their son's 6th birthday party. Cool kid. He's a big Star Wars fan, so he had a Star Wars themed party. All the kids had Darth Vader Party masks. The picture above is of the kids before they cut the cake. You've got to love how their eyes glow behind the red goggles in the masks! Happy Birthday Sael!

Other News and Events:

Took a couple of photography classes the last 2 weekends. They were a lot of fun and I plan to take some more in the future. I'm hoping to use what I learned on my upcoming trips.

I'm off to Columbus this week to watch the state basketball tournament. It will be a nice mini getaway before I leave for Australia. I'm going with my best friend, so it's always good when I get a chance to hang out with Scott.

Australia is only 2 weeks away. Had another meeting over the weekend to wrap up some last second items. We took some team photos. When I get copies of the pictures, I will post. I still have a tone of stuff to get done before I leave. I've almost got things wrapped up at work. I think the reality of me being gone for almost 6 weeks has finally caught up to my boss!

That's it for now. The blogs have been slow lately, but they should be picking up over the next couple of weeks.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Melissa

I've been slacking on my blogging lately and I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. My first blog today goes out to my sister Melissa. She just got a big promotion on her job and her birthday was on Sunday, so I need to say:

Happy Birthday Melissa!