Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I going out to Arizona in about 11 days to visit my girlfriend. (Yay!!!) She asked me if I would run in a 5K with her when I get out there. I agreed. I really haven't been running much lately and when I do, I do about a mile to a mile and half. Today I decided to see how far I could puch myself. To my surprise, I ran/jogged six miles. I ran it in about 50 minutes (8 1/2 minute miles). I can't complain about that. There is a park about 3 miles away from my place, so I ran to the park, then walked about 2.5 miles of the trails, then ran back. I'm happy!

After running for extended distances, especially on hard surfaces, my joints and other body parts hurt. I made sure to stretch before I ran and when I got home. I wanted to make sure I was streching right and I found a cool website called howtostretch.com. I know a couple of runners read this site, so click on the title above and check out the site.

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