Thursday, August 14, 2014

I can and I will!

Eliminate This Word!
Stop thinking you can't do things and start thinking you can. It's important to eliminate negatives from  your vocabulary, especially the word "can't." When you begin to think positively, you'll find yourself attempting and succeeding at more things. Remember,  by eliminating the negatives you'll let the positives come through.

Hello Blog readers, it's been awhile! July was a crazy month. I was with the family in Nevada, Minnesota and New Mexico. 20 days on the road out of 33! I was working hard to make our vision and dreams come true. I was keeping a positive mindset and thinking about all of the things I can do.

I want to share something I've experienced over the last month.

Many of us talk about what we want to happen in our lives. Many of us will make the comment, "I can't do that!" We'll give a thousand reasons why we "can't" do something. It's not that we "can't" do something. It's that we choose "not" to do something. We don't take action.

Last month I heard the words "I can't" or "We can't" from a lot of people including myself. He's an example of what I heard.  I heard several people say they want to get healthier. Then someone suggested things they could do to get healthier.  Each person responded, "I can't do that!" That leads to the question, "Do they really want to get healthy?" Ladies and Gentlemen,  life isn't like Burger King, we can't have everything our way. We have to stop being mental roadblocks to ourselves.

They're are sacrifices that have to be made to make our visions and dreams a reality. Failing to act turns our dreams and visions into nightmares. Nightmares we constantly complain about or say we can't change. I recently agreed to run another half-marathon to help raise money for digging wells to provide clean drinking water for villages in Africa. When I was first asked to participate, my first thoughts were..."I can't do that again!" "I can't afford to run." "I can't train for a race." "I can't....." Those were the wrong thoughts. My thoughts quickly turned into, "I want to help people", "I want to give back", "I want to be healthy." This morning I completed my second week of training. Guess what, I'm not dead! I'm actually feeling really good. I've been running without my knee brace...something I thought I couldn't do.

Everything in life is a choice. It's about the attitude we choose. We can choose a positive attitude or a negative attitude. If you really want something to happen in life, then you need to take the necessary action to make it happen. It you say "I can't," then you're really saying "I don't want to."  When you're saying you do want to do something, you're really saying your dream or vision really is not that important you.

Life is about making things happen. There is no easy button. They are sacrifices we have to make. I really didn't want to get up at 5:30 this morning to go run and work out. The next 4 months or training will be worth it when I hear about the kids in Africa who have clean drinking water; when my doctor says I have a clean bill of health at my next physcial; and when I look in the mirror and don't see the spare tire around my gut that many men in their 40's have.

There are A LOT of things we don't want to do in life. The funny thing is, we have to do many of those things to be rewarded the way we want to. To have a great body, you have to eat a certain way and work out a certain way. To be a great musician you have to practice often. To have been finances we have to stop buy stuff. To be a good parent you have to spend time with your kids, even when they're not being great.  We live in a world that says we can have it all and they're are easy not effort ways to do things. That not true!

Saying, "I can't" is the easy way out! Just remember when you say "I can't" you're saying "I don't want to." Success is the accomplishment of a dream or vision. When that dream or vision is really important to you, you will find every way possible to make it happen.

I leave everyone with this fortune I read in a cookie recently.....

"Action is the pathway to success."

I can't is the roadblock on your pathway to success.

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